Lee Labs a Division of Lee Enterprises, Inc.

Merging Media & Technology

Lee Labs identifies innovation and fosters fantastic ideas.

We partner with tech startups in the media world to bring groundbreaking concepts from formation to fruition.


We partner with companies and startups that would benefit from our sales and media ecosystem.


We invest in companies and ideas that we can help grow through our sales, marketing and audience reach.


Our development team can help complete, enhance, or build new platforms that will innovate the industry.


Lee Enterprises

Leading provider of local news, information and advertising in 50 markets across 21 states

Do you have a startup or growing company that you think we could help accelerate growth?

Innovative Companies aren’t built alone

We have over 100 publications in the US to market your company and sell your product.

Lee Enterprises

At Lee Labs

We Love These Verticals

Ad Tech

We are interested in companies in the ad tech vertical that we can help with building existing customers bases and revenue.

SMS Marketing

We are always looking for innovative technology that small businesses can use to market through text messaging.


We believe in the potential of selling products online and distributing through hyperlocal media channels.

Online Marketing

Our digital teams are scouting new tools to improve our online marketing for us and our clients.

Small Business Marketing

We have a nationwide network of sales reps who sell advertising products to small businesses every day.

Smart Content

We believe content marketing is always going to be a strong marketing channel, and look for smart content innovation.

Video Marketing

Videos have grown to be watched more than any written content is read. We’re actively looking for video marketing innovations.

Influencers & Affiliates

We are building relationships with influencers and affiliates every day, and want to learn more about how you use these emerging marketing tactics.

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